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Water Filter

Water Filter 

The Huashen superior Water Filtration System combines a high - density filter with state of the art membrane seperation technology to purify your family's drinking water. At its core is a special hollow fiber filtration memberane that strains impurities as small as 0.01 microns in diameter. This guarentees the thorough removal off all bacteria, viruses, colloids, rust and other impurtities that result from secondary pollution of the water supply. This method of filtraton also inhibits the growth and reporoduction of any microorganisms, resulting in purer water.

The water filtered by the superior water filtration system is directly drinkable. this is especially convinient for us when washing vegetables, cooking rice, and making soup. filtered water is wequally safe for use on your skin and for brushing teeth. As such, the Superior Water FIltration System is a healthy and effective water purification solution.

Advantages of Huashen Water Filter

- Excellent water purification. The filter uses world -leading technology and can filter out unwanted pullutants as small as 0.01 microns in diameter.

- Economical. State of the art technology was applied in the production of the special hollow fiber filtration membrane, which is at the core of the filtration system. Additionally, 2 different filtration elements are employed, making this system particularly economical.

- Smooth water discharge. The special ring-current water flow design in the filter allows for a smooth and unhindered flow of water.

- Easy installation and use. This system is easy to install and the filter is easy to replace. Plus, its ergonomic design makes it convenient and comfortable to use.

- Small-sized. The world's smallest faucet-connecting ultra-filtration water purifier, this system is attractive to the eye and will accent any kitchen setting.

- Energy-saving. this product takes advantage of natural tap water pressure, avoiding the need for an extrernal power supply.


Filter Properties:

- High strength: resistant to acids and alkalis, bacterial corrosion, and heat.

- Non-polar surface prevents chemical absorption. 

- Large surface Area results in high - density Filtration.

- Pores distributed in special web pattern, resulting in a purification superior to that of a typical porous-hole membrane types and a smoother, more stable rate of water flow.



- Name: superior water filtration system

- Size: 105mm(H)x135mm(W)x55mm(D)

- Casing Material: ABS Resin

- filtration component material: Hollow-fiber Membrane

- Filtration Accuracy: 0.01 microns

- Filtration Capability: 2800-3500L per filter

- Replacement Reccomendation: This product should be replaced every 3 years. The filter should be replaced every 8-10 months.

- Filtration Rate: 1.5L/min

- Water Output: Switch allows for toggling between raw tap water and purified water.

- Connection: 3 types of connectors, making it compatible with almost all faucet types. 

Price: 340.00 USD