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This product is manufactured on the basis of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, c using various medicinal raw materials in the application of advanced international micro- and nanotechnology. This eco-friendly natural products, contains no toxins.

The structure of the inner coating consists of various natural BioPhotonic materials that act on the active points
the body, regulate the microcirculation, effectively clean the meridians, improve the functioning of internal organs and fully replenish the energy in the body. Biophotons penetrate into the cells of the body, and a beneficial effect on blood vessels, especially capillaries, facilitating their purification from Fat metabolism products, and eliminates spasms, which improves blood circulation, improves the immune system, stimulates the removal of accumulated toxins, and generally accelerates tissue repair.

Health effects

1. improve sleep

 2. Strengthening memory

3.- activation of thinking

4.- stabilize nervous condition

5.- improving blood flow and oxygenation of the brain

6.- eliminate headaches and dizziness.

Use the headband with the other components of Huashen to have the greatest health and healing effect.


The product is easy to use, does not require additional conditions.
Daily use provides lasting health benefits.
Safely. It does not cause addiction, allergies and others. Side effects.
Odorless and it protects against static electricity and protect against UV radiation.

 Instructions for Use

1. Make sure that coated on the inside of the BioPhotonic point in direct contact with the skin.
2. When using this product it is recommended to increase the daily intake of water.
3. Use in combination with other products from the series production of bio photons significantly improves the health benefits!
special instructions
1. When washing use only neutral detergents and wash at a temperature not exceeding 40 ℃.
2. Do not use a long soak and a washboard, to be a soft hand-washing.
3. Drying under natural conditions, avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.
4. Avoid direct contact with sharp objects to avoid damage.
5. The best effect was observed during the first three years from the start of use.


1. Internal bleeding or a tendency to it.

2. Pregnancy.

3. Patients with high temperatures used with caution.
4. After surgery on the heart (a heart valve replacement, grafting, etc.) used with caution.

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