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Products made on the basis of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine using various medicinal raw materials and application of advanced scientific technologies based on microns and nanoparticles. This eco-friendly natural products containing no toxins. 

100% cotton, spraying bio-active nanomaterial

Health benefits

1. It speeds up the transfer of information between nerve cells in the brain, effectively increases the attentiveness and clarity of thought, and enhances memory and mental abilities.
2. The hat relaxes muscles and increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain, which reduces fatigue, and improves sleep.
3. Relieves irritability and depression, stimulate hematopoiesis and calms the nervous system.

Indications for use

1. Neurasthenia, insomnia, dizziness, headache (including migraine), the effects of apoplexy, as well as the lack of blood supply to the brain, cerebral infarction and other diseases of the brain and nervous system. We recommend complete with a bandage on his neck, wearing a belt or pants with a belt, structured water, bee pollen, or nanometer calcium.
2. Supporting action hypertension, high blood lipids.
3. Support cures dandruff, alopecia, alopecia areata.
4. General weakness, confusion, frustration memory.
5. It is recommended for people intensely engaged in mental work, with a deficit of oxygen at altitude, people in ecologically unfavorable areas, and exposed to irritants, tobacco and alcohol enthusiasts, etc.

Regenerative therapy using therapeutic underwear does not enter into any conflict with the medication, traditional treatment, and it are compatible with it. In all, questionable situations for you - you should consult with your doctor.

Instructions for use
1. Provide direct contact with the surface active elements hand.
2. Wearing time: 4-8 hours (for health), 4-12 pm (for treatment), 24 (best effect).
3. While wearing products with bio photons should be consumed as much water.
4. You can use this product during the period of medical treatment.
5. Wearing in combination with other products "HuaShen" will increase a wonderful health-improving effect.

1. Wash at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C, using a neutral detergent.
2. Do not soak for long. Gently rub your hands in the wash.
3. The total period of service - 3 years (when the number of washes up to 400 times the greatest effect will be saved.)


1. External or internal bleeding.
2. When the prescribed pacemaker used with caution, since 3-5 min.
3. Pregnancy.
4. High body temperature.
5. After operations (including heart surgery) be used with caution.

L -54-58 cm, XL - 58-62cm

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